Asycuda Project

INFOR-MAR has been one of the partners of the Angolan Director General of Customs and we have been collaborating with the ASYCUDA development team to assure the success of the implementation of the World Version of the ASYCUDA system in Angola.

Since April 2017 that we process and submit successfully our client’s electronic manifests into the ASYCUDA WORLDthrough the port of Lobito.


We have a vast experience in the shipping business and after 20 years converting data files into various formats in order to produce electronic manifests. We work daily in the development and perfecting of software tools to allow greater efficiency in the submission and validation of electronic manifests that grant us a success rate of 99%.



We receive the information from our clients in electronic format, via files EDI, CUSCAR, IFCSUM and also in PDF, XLS and DOC formats. We then proceed to submit the electronic manifest into the customs system, a service that we provide 24/7. There are no Schedule constraints.

INFOR-MAR has developed a tool for the ASYCUDA XML, that allows to register new titles of transport(TT), in previously integrated and registered manifests, into the the ASYCUDAsystem.


It is a fast process, as long as the documentation is sent to us in the standard formats (Text, Excel, Word, EDI, PDF, etc) so that we can process and convert it rapidly to the XML format, and submit it into the Asycuda system, in a short span of time.



At this moment, we provide the processing and submission of electronic manifests service, including air cargo, to several organizations working in Angola, covering all ports of call in Angola.

  • BOLLORE Africa Logistics, Angola

  • DELMAS CMA-CGM Group, Angola

  • GETMA Shipping Angola, Lda (Grupo NECOTRANS)

  • AMT - ANGOLA, Lda

  • GRIMALDI Angola

  • NAIBER Navegação Ibérica

  • NILEDUTCH Angola

  • OREY Angola - Air Cargo.

  • OREY Angola - Maritime Cargo

  • SHARAF Shipping Agency Company


We have increased our coverage in Africa and at this time we are processing and submiting manifests in São Tomé e Principe, Republic of Congo, Republic Democratic of Congo, Mozambique and Cameroon.






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