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Infor-mar’s products can be acquired under licensing regime, Saas – Software as a service, under a scheme of software rental.

Containers control and management

Demurrages control and management

Financial control and management

Shipping and Forwarding Bookings management

Shipping Documentation management

Accounting management

Invoicing and Stocks management

Salaries management

Salaries management

Electronic manifest management for Maritime, Air and land cargo  



Programming and development of applicational software and databases in accordance with the analysis elaborated together with the customer.

Shipping management integrated software

Air transport management integrated software

Land transport management integrated software

Forwarder management integrated software

Pharmaceutical representation management integrated software

Hotel Units management integrated software

Marble and decorative stones management integrated software

Casas da Misericórdia and Social works management integrated software

Explosive tracking software



We have a vast experience in the shipping business and after 20 years converting a range of different file formats into electronic manifests, we work daily to further develop and perfect the tools that will allow us yet more efficiency in the submission and validation of electronic manifests where we already have a 99% success rate.

Currently, we process electronic manifests in Angola, São Tomé and Principe, Congo, Mozambique and Cameroon.

Survey and diagnosis of the needs of the company;

Monitoring of the technological and market evolution in order to optimize and maximize the IT system;

IT correction and assistance with qualified labor, either remote or on-site, in case of need and always with the customer’s prior agreement;

Email accounts configuration both in working stations and smartphones, virus and spyware removal, backups configuration

Update and setup of operating systems;

Setup of all kind of software needed for company operation;

Setup and configuration of all kind of hardware.


Infor-mar also makes available services related with Administrative Management, duly supported by Certified Software: 

Execution of Accounting services including declarative obligations; 

Services and assistance by a Certified Accountant (Técnico Oficial de Contas (TOC);

Monthy processing of Salaries;

Execution of invoicing services.





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